Light shines in the darkness

Light still shines in the darkness.  Sam’s Miracle It was a good morning. I was working with my 20 year old niece.  She was maintaining an A + average in her second year of science at the University of Winnipeg.  She is very interested in studying medicine, and wanted to volunteer with me at the medical clinic at the Mission.  It … Read More

The Fab Five: Exercises everyone should know.

You have seen in another post that there are five exercises you should really avoid but, on the optimistic side of the ledger, there are five exercises that patients and clinicians alike should be aware of. These five exercises incorporate exercise principles that allow them to be modified for people who have significant impairments or for people who are very … Read More

Doc, you gonna give me an MRI?

Having practiced medicine for over 30 years, I have noticed numerous significant developments. When I was in medical school, the human immunodeficiency virus and the entire AIDS syndrome was really an unknown entity. Also, a very interesting area of technology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI was in its infancy. This type of imaging was applied to the evaluation of musculoskeletal … Read More