The Bad Five: Five exercises you should really avoid.

The Bad Five – Five Exercises You Should Really Avoid People who try and exercise have their heart in the right place and are often intent on improving their health and functional capability. But there are certain exercises that can cause more trouble than they are worth. I will walk through five of my least favourite exercises. 1. The Sit-Up … Read More

Dynamic Valgus: A common enemy.

Dynamic Valgus a Common Enemy The term “valgus” is one where a distant point in the body moves away from the midline. When referring to the knee joint, valgus means that the knee itself heads toward the midline, compared to the foot, which heads away from the midline of the body. This is commonly referred to as a knock kneed … Read More

The Perturbation

Most patients believe they have “injured” themselves when they develop pain and that when they have an absence of pain, the condition that was “injured” has “healed”. This model does not fit the data we have seen from the advanced imaging of patients who have an absence of pain. We have learned from MRI of our musculoskeletal system that key … Read More